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So I are a huge Kung Fu fan once and for all. You know that crazy martial arts stuff you see on the training videos? Punch, kick, pow! I love the problem. Love it all and always want. One of my favorite forms of fighting is called Shaolin Tiger Kung Fu. Why is it one of my favorites? Let me tell you that.The masters - The master you train with can … Read More

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In any sport, or in any company for that matter, there are people who have a healthy competitive drive to be the foremost. This is good. Healthy competition keeps society as whole advancing into new frontiers. Unfortunately, there are also those people which win at any cost. Those find that use steroids for bodybuilding.Steroids are only the male h… Read More

Leo is your site author of Zen Habits. He references a minimalist way of life and focusing exactly what makes you proud. I consider myself a student of business and Motivation is an essential factor. I believe you cannot teach work ethic and motivation unless you are teaching kids. When you enter the staff then it is just too late.The cornerstone o… Read More