Psychics Down Through History

Oct. 5th, 2010 Sunday was the Big Home Big Heart charity run for the city of Ann Arbor. For the occasion stores were closed, streets were sectioned off, and police vehicle were at every other crossway. 10K, 5k, and 1 mile individuals were rearing to go!

To Love one another is most likely the most misconstrued phrase in the Bible. What does Love mean? A basic however very succinct meaning of Love is "DON'T HATE".

Pardon my stretch for an analogy; however even if there was no God, no Allah, no other "gods"-- would not looking after one anther in love no matter what our race, creed or politics be the right thing to do instead of killing each other for no other factor than points on a rating card of triumph for the muslim apologist?

I asked above, where have all the Christian men gone? How is it possible that this Christian Country of over 307 million individuals, with the current data showing that 76.5% of the population profess to be Christians, are ruled by despots? How can 224,437,959, nearly 225 million people calling themselves Christians, enable a little minority to take subject the one Nation worldwide founded for the Magnificence of God and the Improvement of the Christian Faith?

Since we will constantly be surrounded by the haram; for as long as there exist human beings, muslims forget that the Islamic guidelines we have are in location.

Yes, it appears in the New Age that we will need prophets of peace instead of their equivalents in war. Sadly we have lots of fewer examples of peace prophets to draw from, but the ones we have are really striking, well documented and extremely effective in the long run.

And don't give me that "if we demonstrate our tolerance" to them they will like us. That is a sophomoric position if one ever lived. Who was it who attacked whom? It is instead the classic have versus have not argument. Clearly the get more info leftist response is to offer whatever to those who dislike us and for that reason we will have eliminated the source of the hatred. What the Hell sort of bassackwards reasoning is that? However in fairness to lefties, I admit if Bill Gates will give me 1/10th of one percent of his fortune, I will like him more, so ... Useful MORONS!

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